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From confusion to clarity

Personal and professional empowerment at reasonable rates

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What is it?
"[I'd] never considered careers advice until someone put me in touch with Bridge the Gap. The help and advice given to me has been literally life changing."  
- Michelle, on Google

When you contact us we will listen and ask clear and relevant questions to identify exactly what issues or challenges you are setting out to resolve.

We will identify the most appropriate facilitator to work with you towards resolution. Ultimately, your Bridge The Gap Facilitator will achieve one of the following:

  • Enable you to reach resolution; or

  • Work with you to construct a clear action plan for you to engage with other agencies, organisations, or individuals to achieve the best outcomes you can.


Resolution can look very different for different people. Your resolution could include:

  • Support to pinpoint all the details of your issue or challenge

  • Exploring options

  • Researching and identifying crucial information

  • Writing emails/letters and completing forms

  • Contacting people on your behalf 

  • Advocating for you

  • Coaching and skills development

  • Interpreting jargon or legal/technical language



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Bridge The Gap was borne out of a desire to provide top quality consultancy at reasonable prices bridging the gap between what is available for free and what requires a significant financial investment.


Our business is founded on our Code of Culture - Bridge The Gap Facilitators has always been radical in the way we work. We are truly flexible in our delivery, considering the needs of our clients and our facilitators.

Our practice is neurodivergent designed and truly disability accessible. What we deliver and how we deliver it is pro-LGBTQIA+ and anti-racist. We will always consider the socio-political impact on our clients and encourage them to do the same.


Call now or book a call back to find out how we can support you to discover what you are capable of.

"My issues were listened to with so much care... I felt very comfortable and happy during the discussion... This service helped me realise I needed a bigger challenge and more responsibility, I am now much happier with my job choice which has made me happier in general."  
- Shannon
Our Facilitators

Call any of our facilitators today to book your initial assessment. 
Either leave a message and you will be contacted same day or call another facilitator if your preferred is not available.

Bridge The Gap facilitators approach all their work with creative problem solving and can empower you to do the same.

●  Contact us today with your challenge and we will explore the possibilities  ●


Call sue

Sue Prescott

Sue has over 40 years experience of working with people to improve their lives in many different contexts. In this time she has also collected many qualifications to support her professional practice.

They have successfully supported people with a variety of specific support needs related to visual impairment and neurodivergence including ASD, dyslexia, and dyscalculia. 

Her recent acquisition is Mental Health First Aider which she now enjoys promoting.  

Available: Mon-Sat, flexible hours

Preferred Specialisms

  • Exploring careers possibilities and opportunities

  • Business set up and strategic and operational development

  • Planning, budgeting and all things to do with life skills

  • Enabling people to improve their English either as natural speakers or when English is not their primary language

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Call jenie

Jennie Prideaux

Jennie has worked locally with young international students and adults for over 30 years resolving many unpredictable and complex challenges using creative problem solving. 

She is a Person Centred counsellor and has successfully counselled individuals of all ages for periods of 8 weeks to 2 years; face to face, online and on the telephone.

Jennie facilitates creative self care. She provides bereavement counselling, exploring the impact of nutrition on mental health and deconstructing public school conditioning.

Available: Mon-Sat, flexible hours (not Wednesday afternoon)

Preferred Specialisms

  • Offering a confidential, empathic and non-judgemental space where counselling can take place safely 

  • Using creative approaches to support individuals to explore their concerns

  • Enabling individuals to gain a deeper understanding of themselves, their relationships and their world

  • Advising on nutrition and how it impacts on mental health

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Call rowan

Rowan Hedley

Rowan has successfully represented businesses across various legal matters, tailoring approaches to achieve the best outcome. They also advise on benefit claims and appeals and can support your learning at GCSE and A Level.

Rowan is considerate of LGBTQ+ matters and people of the global majority and will listen and cater to your individual needs.

A creative practitioner with experience of developing online presence and accessible design, Rowan will support your personal and professional empowerment with creative problem solving.

Available: Mon/Fri/Sat, flexible hours

Preferred Specialisms

  • Creating and inspecting contracts, ensuring regulatory compliance, small claims court cases and cross-border debt recovery, and B2C trade

  • Writing for stage; poetry, spoken word, prose, and song

  • Improvisation and removing the filter to your creativity

  • Web design and using social media

  • Benefits entitlement and claim procedures

  • GCSE and A Level tutoring in various subjects and general practice

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"[This] was my first experience with a counsellor… her calm and non-judgemental manner gently introduced ways of looking at my own thought processes and… helped me to think more objectively about things that had preyed on my mind for years, and would now lose their power to make me unhappy."  
- Thomas
How It Works



  • Your triage assessment will be completed or a time arranged to do so.

  • This first assessment up to 30 mins is FREE.

  • If you plan to continue with BTG, or need time to decide, you will be asked to sign our Service Relationship Agreement, including our privacy statement.

  • If you plan to go elsewhere for support we will not store your information. We will destroy any contact details we have for you.

  • We do not work with children aged 10 or under. We work with children aged 11-15 with parental consent.

  • For anyone aged 16 or over our standard policies apply.


  • According to your assessment you will be assigned a facilitator. This may be your assessor or another facilitator depending on your needs.

  • All sessions will be delivered according to our Service Relationship Agreement, and Health & Safety, Equality & Diversity, and Privacy Policies.

  • Each hour of facilitation, up to 8 hours (negotiable), costs £25, payable 48hrs in advance. After 8 hours facilitation, price can be adjusted. Travel costs are charged at cost or 50p/mile.

  • The content, duration, and number of sessions is entirely flexible and arranged between you and your facilitator.

  • Should you need a long term service this can be arranged and the cost reassessed.

  • Sometimes your case might need input from another facilitator. In this case your point of contact will still be your facilitator who will act as a liaison between you both.


  • Your final sessions will be agreed through discussion between you and your facilitator. They will consider your initial needs and any factors arising through the course of your sessions.

"Thank you so much for what you done it’s amazing! I’ve learnt a lot by the way you have rephrased and moved things around, I also find the colour coding incredibly helpful."  
- Paul
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One of our facilitators will call you within 3 working days to make your initial assessment or book a time to do so.


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