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Below you will find a selection of feedback to our services, some of which are also publicly available reviews.

"Sue has helped me in countless ways during the time that we’ve worked together. She has been a counsellor to me; a teacher and advisor; she has helped me with applications and administration; and always gives me her full attention and support during our conversations.


We have discussed a variety of different subjects in our sessions and every time I have felt listened to and my experience validated."

"I have had a number of different talking therapies in the past but I have received far more practical advice and insight here than I have anywhere else.


The work we have done together has been extremely valuable to me and I can honestly say that I’m in a far better position today than I was when we started working together."

"I just wanted to praise the flexibility of the service - many times now I have been able to extend the session when the subject we have been discussing has not concluded naturally in the allotted hour."

"I really appreciate the time and care spent with me to help me out, I felt very comfortable and happy during the discussion.

I feel there is no room to improve, you three offer everything I could ever need!"

"Thank you so much for what you done it’s amazing! I’ve learnt a lot by the way you have rephrased and moved things around, I also find the colour coding incredibly helpful."

"My issues were listened to with so much care, we explored career options and discussed a few issues I had with the job I worked at the time. 


I am now self employed and feel this service helped me realise I needed a bigger challenge and more responsibility. I am now much happier with my job choice which has made me happier in general."

"Working with Jennie was my first experience with a counsellor and I admit that I didn’t know what to expect or understand how it could help.


However, her calm and non-judgemental manner gently introduced ways of looking at my own thought processes and left me with tools and mental approaches that helped me to think more objectively about things that had preyed on my mind for years, and would now lose their power to make me unhappy.


I can’t thank Jennie enough for those gifts that she has left with me."

"I can't speak highly enough of the service provided by Sue. I've never considered careers advice until someone put me in touch with Bridge the Gap.


The help and advice given to me has been literally life changing. Sue has enabled me to see and write about my work experience in a completely different way to highlight the skills I have gained over the years. I feel so much more positive about applying for jobs now than ever before."

"I was very happy that you took care to help my individual anxieties around conversation and validated my feelings so I felt listened to."

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